We stand for quality, skill, reliability and sustainability.


As one of the oldest family businesses, we can be proud of what we have achieved so far as a company focused on ensuring quality for its customers. We feel committed to remaining a dependable and fair partner for construction projects of all sizes in the future.


Pittel+Brausewetter possesses a vast network of resources plus know-how that has developed over generations, not to mention the comprehensive ability of its 60 employees. We can work independently and efficiently for our clients with our in-house production sites.


Since our establishment in 1870, our employees have always played a vital role by working together as a team. Their reliability, trust and willingness to perform to top standards are essential values that have played a major part in the company’s sustained success.


We see ourselves as a company with strong internal capital and confidence for the future. We focus on what lies ahead and are guided by a careful long-term business strategy. We foresee a future in which our staff and partners will continue to help us serve our clients’ needs.


-The CEOs-




















CEO Mag. Wolfgang Fürhauser, Business Director Ing. Peter Rybár, Technical Director Ján Melúch, CEO Bmstr. Ing Wolfgang Makovec