Golf course construction

For golf course construction Pittel+Brausewetter has a well-known team at its disposal, which has been entrusted with planning and implementing projects in cooperation with famous golf course designers. We have completed many courses across Europe.

We offer our clients a highly professional service as general contractors, all the way from earthwork, the construction of irrigation systems and ponds, landscaping, paving all the way to constructing the clubhouse and supplementary leisure facilities at the course.

Our highly capable staff and extensive expertise make our experienced golf course team an ideal partner for new golf courses and the renovation or extension of existing courses.


Sport facilities

Our capabilities in the particular sphere of sport facility construction developed through our work in golf course and road construction. Our diverse offering includes grass pitches, artificial grass pitches, hard courts, tracks and children’s play areas.

Examples of our work in this sector can be found in the cities of Bratislava (Petržalka suburb) and Malacky along with the districts of Tureň, Veľké Leváre and Rohožník.





























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